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Weekly Update- 22/2/19

This week! What can I day about this week? It has been a weird one. One that started with a difficult Monday. I arrived at work with a sudden feeling of having no inspiration, no desire and no motivation to work. I'm lucky that I know this to be a sign that I'm over worked. That I've burned myself out. After spending some hours doing nothing and a little bit of personal sewing, I finally wrote an Instagram post about it. After I got it off my chest and out of my brain I immediately felt better. I felt more able to get on with only the absolutely necessary and take it easy on myself this week. I knew I had lots of lovely meet ups planed with friends so made sure that I really enjoyed each and every moment to recharge my brain.

It reads as: "Well hello Monday. You’ve hit me hard today. Most of the last two months I’ve been loving Monday’s. The start of a new week has been exciting to me but today I woke up, got ready, walked to the studio and felt meh. I had nothing in me. This happens every now and then. It’s a big sign I’ve over done it. It’s time to rest! I’ve been working six day weeks for a while now and normally I’m all good but it’s important to have a rest. I’ve spent this morning NOT working. I’ve spent some time sewing for me. I know it’s still sewing but it’s my time. I’ve done some alterations to some of my favourite clothes that seemed to not fit how I wanted them or where not quite right. I feel better now. I’m looking forward to some nice lunch and then a good swim. I’m seeing my lovely friends tonight so I’ll be rested and ready for work tomorrow. I’m sharing this because it’s easy sometimes to hide behind a pretty picture on Instagram and not share the real behind the scenes. The behind the scenes today are a tired alice. But a happy one as she takes in tops and turns dresses into skirts. Revamping her own wardrobe rather than working on someone else’s. I hope you are all having a good Monday and are able to do what you need to to feel human."

When I have been working, I've been working on creating a mailing list. I've been asked in the past if I had one and it has always been a thing I've thought was for a bigger business, not something for my small little shop, but as I've been working I've realised it's time. Time to shop thinking about my business as not being big enough or important enough to have all the trappings that other businesses have. Imposter syndrome is a real bitch and it has been bugging me over the last few years and I haven't ever noticed it. That is why my first post on this blog was called "This is the year: Because it is the year, the year I don't think my work down, that I don't think I'm not worthy. I went to a womens only networking event and the way that the women there spoke about their work was inspiring. I want to have that same confidence in my work. I thought I was doing so well to get myself on track so when I suddenly noticed a lack of enthusiasm it felt like a real step back. Now being at the end of the week I can see how a little rest time and time to do some sewing has made all the difference to me. It is all about balance.

It seemed almost perfect when I received a Instagram notification from the Brighton Etsy group saying I'd been featured in one of their posts. I did an actual embarrassing squeal of delight when I saw. A wonderful positive to end a rather odd week on. I'm so thankful to have something like that to make me feel good!

Spot light Friday! Meet Jureambox!

This weeks spot light has to be the lovely Judite, the creator of Jureambox. We met up on thursday for lunch which turned into an afternoon of chilling, eating food, a small shopping trip and then mint tea in my studio. Sometimes meeting with a friend you haven't seen for months can be awkward and weird but it was just so lovey to reconnect with someone and work out where you both are in life. Judite was one of the first people to encourage me to start Curious Alice Studio and she was major inspiration to me. Seeing her work so hard to make her business what it is. Her work involves a lot of dye work too and it has always been so nice to have a friend who understands the frustrations that come with dyeing as well as sewing. She makes beautiful interior soft furnishing and accessories such as bag, card holders and more recently prints, socks and xmas decos (which were released at Christmas, she is not a crazy Christmas all year round person, promise!).

I have one of her amazing bean bags which I love to pieces and would fill my house (you know, when that dream comes true) with her lovely work. Currently I am super space challenged when it comes to seating but Judite, when I have my own place expect many many orders! Check her out for amazing colour and beautiful photography!

Catch her here : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JureamBox


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jureambox/

also, life lesson learned while writing this blog..... don't rely on the auto save.....

Lots of xxx



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