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Weekly Update- 15/2/19

This week!

This week has been the blog week and meeting week! I've been either running around like a headless chicken or a slave to the old laptop. Its involved learning some new skills, always important, such as trying to work out how to make wix work (?) and having to push myself to do thing that make me uncomfortable. Such as networking, looking at fittings and being predominantly online and writing, looking at analytics etc. To say that this week I've been feeling the strain of challenging myself would be a bit of an understatement.

My Studio desk set up

February has involved a lot of things that have made me feel uncomfortable. I think it is important to look at what makes you uncomfortable and work out why. Starting a blog has always been a bit scary as a dyslexic creative who always felt more comfortable at school with a paintbrush or needle than a pen for writing. I've always loved reading and writing but somehow school convinced me I wasn't too good at it and I convinced myself that I could get by but it wasn't my strong point and to stick with the more creative subjects. I definitely think this will be a work in progress kinda thing but as long as I'm enjoying it its got to be worth it right? This blog will also be a great way to check I'm on track and see what I'm doing with my time while I am working.

Three aims a day

So while on the subject of keeping track. I've been using "The Maker's Handbook 2019" to help me with keeping my business on track. It has been great! With the opening sections really making you think about your business and how you achieve your goals and what your business dream is and how to get there. I love the breakdown of each month and and each day, really thinking about what you can do each day to achieve the daily goal, to achieve the weekly goal and then your monthly goals. I find this is really keeping me on track. Getting to Wednesday and checking how far you are on the monthly goal really makes me step back and check myself and see where I am getting distracted. The wonderful and ever present daily to do list really works, this week the number one thing that was first on the list being "ask ella" (my sister) for what her thoughts were and what her experience was with wix. She had some of the most confusing advice so Monday was spent half just going for it and being confused about what I really wanted to achieve with this blog. It is a small thing but it counted a lot to my experience.

Monthly plan

This week I went to my first ever networking even with Girl Tribe Gang. I'm not the most extroverted person so going by myself was quite a big deal for me. I was really pleased I went. The ladies there were so friendly and chatty. I learnt loads from just chatting to other business minded ladies and from the speaker. I came way from the meeting feeling a bit brain mushy but as I process everything that I learnt and took in that night the more I realise what I got out of the event. It was scary to go but I'm glad I pushed myself. It made me realise I'm on the right track but also where I can improve. I met some lovely ladies and it made the brain get ticking. On pushing myself I also had a meeting this week about the May artists open houses. That was a nerve racking moment, going to meet some strangers but definitely a good experience. I'll be keeping quiet on that front until I've got these things more sorted out.

Pushing yourself to be out there and talk to strangers makes you realise how you feel and approach your business. I've always been one of those people that doesn't like to talk about themselves to strangers. It takes a little for me to be comfortable to talk about my work, something which I think a lot of creatives struggle with. Seeing woman in the Tribe speaking with such confidence about their work and what they are doing made me realise how I need to work on my confidence about talking about my "brand". The next tribe meeting is going to be about confidence..... It's like the universe is talking to me. I should probably listen....

When you notice pretty moments in the studio

I also had the opportunity to help out a friend who has the amazing brand :Emperors Old Clothes". She and her team are doing amazing work improving their size ranges and I was there as a curvy girlt o try on some of their new sizes and see how the fit was. I really appreciate how hard they are working to make sure their sizes work for many shapes. Luckily most of their findings are the same. It was a slightly nerve racking experience. Looking at your body and how clothing fits you can be one of those experiences that make you feel uncomfortale. Lckily I was with friends who are not only just lovely people but also so possitive. It was really nice to see how their clothes fit and how my body isn't as big as I had thought. The amazing moment for me was trying on some trousers. I haven't worn trousers in years because I've always struggled with the fit but I got the opportunity to try trousers on and seeing how the fit my body, they made me feel good. I look forward to adding some emprorors to my wardrobe in the future. Not only are they trying to be more inclusive with their sizing but they are also an ethical and sustainale company which works exclusively with vintage fabrics to create one of a kind clothing. They are passionate about paying their employees a living wage. They are business goals to me! Check them out here: https://www.theemperorsoldclothes.co.uk/

So that was my week of scary things. I've managed to balance it out with seeing my friends and having good quality family time. Walking in the sun on the beach was definitely a highlight this week. Re-set time. Long may we continue to challenge ourselves and push ourselves. Gently.

Alice x

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