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Isn't it interesting what we convince ourselves of and believe for years? I've always believed myself not to be a blog person even though I often compose blog posts of a kind in my head and never write them down. Being a creative person I've always thought myself more of a visual person than one who uses words. I've had my online business since October 2013 and yet it is only in the last few years that I've taken social media and the online business place seriously. So here it it. My blog. A place to document the behind the scenes of my business and show case what I am working on. I'll be talking about my learning experience since starting Curious Alice Studio. The ups and downs, the behind the scenes stories. I'll be sharing my new collections when they launch and inspiration on how to wear my garments.

So hello!

This is me. The Alice behind Curious Alice Studio. I like to hide behind the camera or and my Instagram posts. Behind me you can see some of my studio, a part of my inspiration wall and my trusty iron. (you can never be without a good iron in my opinion).

My Background.

I started Curious Alice Studio when having graduated from university I decided to experiment with some dye and silk. Having fallen off the bandwagon when it came to creative fun after having completed my degree in Surface Pattern Design at Swansea Metropolitan University, the experience of dying the silk fabric led to a reawakening my joy for textiles, fashion and making. I have a love of natural fibers such as silk and cotton. I love the making process, hand dying silk, creating new colours and coming up with new designs.

My work while at university was not fashion based but more fine art/textiles. I had the best fun exploring concepts and moved into more of a 3D art way. I had a tutor who managed to confuse me quite nicely in my first year, saying i was "not a flat person" meaning I didn't work very well on flat surfaces. This confused me to no end and led me down a path that led to me exploring the concept of line in space, drawing in space and looking at space in itself. I wrote a whole dissertation on the subject and completed two years worth of work on it. I finished university having created a a wire, yarn and wax tree which was suspended in space and with a 2:1 bachelors degree. I give credit to my parents for supporting me during this time. Although having brought up two creative daughters, my older sister did illustration which is easier to explain and understand, than having to talk to your friends and explain that your younger daughter is drawing with wax and wire to recreate a tree you've cut down. University gives you a bubble of confidence that makes all the stuff you are doing make sense.

University Work Sample

When I finished University I left with lots of clothes (i really like to shop back then), a rather strange portfolio, the sage and unhelpful advice from all my tutors that I'll "be fine" and that they weren't "worried about" me. I should of turned to them and said "I'm worried about me!" but this was told to me in my final assessment and turning to them and saying I didn't have a clue what I was doing seemed some what counter productive. So I left the city of Swansea that I had grown a little bored of and came home, back to Brighton where many of my friends had also returned to after their further education.

This was a bit of a strange time. I'm so thankful that my parents let me come home and do very little for a few months. Those months past in a bur. I think I did a lot of reading and seeing my friends. Eventually I had to get a job and so I did, in retail, the hell we all know.... in BHS. For one month I worked there, on the door welcoming people to the shop and trying to sell teddy bears that shed on me and giving out vouchers for the food place downstairs. Grouchy old ladies would quiz me on the menu and tell me off for not knowing every answer to their questions but on the most part, people avoided me like the plague. Lucikly I was able to escape when on one of my day off I received a phone call offering me a different retail job in a fabric shop. It was still retail but it was retail that involved my passion. FABRIC!

This was where I met the people who inspired me to create Curious Alice Studio. I'd never working in a workplace with so many people who sewed and created in their spare time. We would chat about projects and this is wear I started making again. Six months after my degree I was back to making clothes. I was challenging myself and I loved it. As I stated above it was this that led to me experimenting with dying silk fabric. It was those wonderful ladies that encouraged me when I asked a simple question: "do you think this will dye well?". I will always be thankful for those ladies who said, "give it a go" as I wouldn't be here without them. Thank you Louisa, Judite, Charlotte, Catherine and Leanne.

I've been a predominantly one woman show since then with the odd bit of help. The ever present and wonderful parents who have driven me from craft fair to sewing machine shops to shops that stocked my wears and a memorable night of ironing from my mum the night before an etsy fair. I have a wonderful friend who is the face of my brand, Heather. She is an actress with much success in one woman shows. She makes our photo-shoots hilarious and fun. We've learned together how to make a photo work, from in front of the camera and behind it.

And so that's the story behind my brand and how I got here. A little intro into me. I hope you enjoyed. I look forward to sharing more about how I work and what happens behind the scenes of Curious Alice Studio. I'm not sure of a posting schedule but I'm hoping it'll come together with a little work and thinking.

So, am I a blog person yet?


Alice x

Shop link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CuriousAliceStudio

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