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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Stock Highlight!

Time to get to know the new stock!

Part of the new stock drop was some vest style tops. I has always been in my mind that I wanted to make a lace t shirt and lace vests. Two styles that are by nature and are normally associated with a more casual and relaxed style. In my mission to bring luxy fabrics into the everyday I knew that simplified shapes would be the way to go at the beginning. You can't expect a customer to always jump in at the deep end with you. With my own style I prefer simple lines but I know eventually I'll be branching out into other styles.

I decided to make two types of vest, a crop with intricate strapping and a longer one with a more simple neck and strap fastening but still different and special. I want all my customers to feel like when they buy a Curious Alice piece, it is something a bit special and not the norm. I certainly don't believe in a boring wardrobe! and style and personality are an important part of little details that make each item have a place in even the smallest wardrobe. One of the critics I received when I first launched my lace collection was that everything was cropped. It was my mother who dais, not everyone wants to wear high waisted bottoms. My sister, who has just had a baby also expressed that for her, feeling a little self conscious of her abdomen area, longer was better and could I make something that draped nicely but still made her feel pretty. Lace is for any one and everyone and I would hate for anyone to feel they couldn't wear something I'd designed because in their minds it "hadn't been designed for their body shape". As a curvy girl myself I know how damaging this mind set can be. I love a crop because to me it highlights my waist when I wear high wait skirts and shorts, but that my style and how I wear clothes.

Clothing is such a personal thing. One of the rules I absolutely hate is "saving it for best". This mentality means so many beautiful items of clothing sit and hardly ever get worn. Clothing is to be loved, worn out and shared. It is such a lovely feeling wearing the clothes you love and having other people compliment them. It can be hard to accept a compliment in this moment but our wardrobes should be a reflection of ourselves and our taste. How many of us have that dress that we only wear for special occasions? Sometimes, it is true. The dress is a bit much to just be wearing for a walk or out to the shops. I'm certainly not suggesting we start wearing our best and wedding dresses everyday but when someone say to me, "I don't feel like I could wear that because then I'd be too dressed up" that makes me sad. I have visions, toy story like, of these garments talking to each other in our closets morning not being worn and that old t-shirt begging for a break. They all want some time in the sun and out. Maybe my silly is showing.... but think about it.... What would your wardrobe say to you if it could speak?

Back to my new stock! I like to think of my new lace lovelies as versatile. They are sheer so can be worn over bras tops for a slightly more "peek-a-boo' with bare flesh or wear it layered up with something sleeveless or even over something warmer in the colder months. I love the idea of laying up lace over thermals to give you that special lace feeling but without having to compromise on comfort. I always say, goosebumps are not sexy. People that look comfortable and confident do.

The Crop Vest.

These cute crops currently come in only in White, Ivory and Black but plans are under way to introduce some new colour ways. These tops are great as they can be worn tight and off the shoulder or in a more loose style with the straps sitting on the center shoulders. When worn like this it turns the whole outfit into a more cowl neck and the whole vest sits looser around the body. I'm in love with wearing it either way. The very slight flare to the top lets the fabric hang and fall across the body and shows the whole piece off the perfection. The ties on this top are made from bias binding sealing the raw edges of the lace under neigh. What I love with this top is that you can wear the straps however you want them to. Tie the all together or do it individually. The choice is yours!

The Long Vest

Now these lace beauties are filling me with joy! When Heather my model put the first one on I smiled so hard. It was such a cute little piece. I couldn't help but think it would look cool with jeans or layered up on a long skirt. we played around with tight trousers and styled in a way that Heather would wear it. I can't wait to introduce some new colours to this range. Currently the only colours in this top are white, ivory and black. I think this top is going to look great in some pastel colours. Feel free to comment what you'd wear it with and what colours you'd like to see in the future.

These tops have their own unique strap to the collection. I knew with the vests I wanted to have the straps to be different for the crop to the long line. I love the idea of having the channel which the ribbon feeds through. Having the ribbon be one piece and having it tie up means they are versatile and that the customer can make sure the ties are at the right height for them. These tops give me such a lux, at home vibe, reminding me of cute baby doll nightwear. There is something so cute about the slight flare of the top, the way the fabric hangs around the body that is just a lovely way to enjoy a little bit of chilled out lace.

I hope you love these knew pieces to the lace collection. As always I am flexible so If it is your hearts desire to have the long vest but with the bias straps then by all means I certainly can sort that out for you, or vice versa with the cropped vest. See below for some more close ups on the different straps.

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