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Monthly Update- Lets look at March

It is easy to not reflect back on the month but I am glad I did. In my looking back on what I had planned for March and how well I had managed to achieve those goals I was starting to feel a bit down on myself as it looked like I hadn't done to much this month and it made me think about where the time had gone and what on earth had I been doing with my time?!

I made myself turn back in my "makers yearbook toolkit" and saw the quote for March and I couldn't help but think about how appropriate it was for my mind set today. "It's a slow process but quitting wont speed it up". It is that first bit. It is a slow process and as I look at what I had planned for the month of March, I can see that I was a bit ambitious. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, or even, my brain thought to cover more than I could realistically process, especially with me taking extra time off for family time, going to London and taking a day when I felt ill. This month has been a lesson on self care. Most importantly on taking time to sleep, feed the soul with inspiration and eating well. I gave up most sugar this month and it has been an education.... I've never given up sugar in this way before and it was crazy how it has effected me. I started waking up earlier, going to bed earlier and feeling better in my body, which I know, I know.... we all know sugar is bad but honestly, it felt weird in my body. The most telling moment for me was when at the end of week three I had some birthday cake to celebrate my nieces third birthday and I could physically feel the sugar enter my system and man, I felt really buzzed from it. It was a little scary how I could feel it happening and honestly, I didn't really enjoy it. I mean, the cake tasted amazing, but I didn't really enjoy the after effects..... but anyway, enough about me and sugar, I'm sure you aren't reading this to hear about my diet....

So back to being too ambitious... I planned to do patterns and trial out a load of new garments as well as make new colour ways for my current lace stock as well as build on the work I did in February on my mailing list, blog, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Looking back at the list I can see how I would of been overwhelmed but all this work along with orders and all. One thing I didn't anticipate was participating in the Instagram challenge, march meet the maker. This took way more time than I ever thought. The thought I had to put into each of those posts was quite frustrating as, luckily, I had something to write about but sourcing, taking photos for it where time consuming. I did love having a structure to follow though, so I think I will be trying to introduce that into my normal posts so that I feel like I have a subject to talk about. I really enjoyed sharing the stories of the origins of my brand and also reading everyone elses stories. It felt like I was opening up about my business and about me behind the business which was a nice feeling. It felt good to share and have so many people sharing their own lives on Instagram.

One thing I am super pleased about is getting all the skirt patterns done this month. I can't believe I managed to get two skirt styles pattern cut in 7 different sized. They are in UK sizes 6-18. I'm very excited to get these made up and into the shop. Realistically this wont happen until May but the plan is that they will be matching tops that I currently have on sale in the shop. If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see, let me know and I can see if I can make them happen. I did also manage to make a decision a product I've been thinking about for a while now. I decided not to follow through with the idea. I had a play with sewing them and realised I was hating it and that it wasn't worth it to me. I knew that every time I received an order I wouldn't be looking forward to making it like I do every everything else on my shop and so I knew it wasn't worth it.Having come to that decision I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can now with certainty say, I will not be making those in the future.

One thing I am excited about and has now become my main priority is creating stock for The Fairy Tale Fair in Worthing. (link here https://www.thefairytalefair.co.uk/fairy-tale-fair-easter-worthing-whats-schedule-sunday-14th-april/) and also for the May Artist Open Houses. I am very excited to be involved in both this year as well as in June I will be at the Henfield open gardens, I'll be talking about that nearer the time. My focus from now on will be creating stock and making sure I am prepared for the various fairs and also in a position to make orders and not feel overwhelmed. I am looking forward to having a more making central month as I will be working more with my hands and only doing more maintenance stuff via doing computer work. I also have an exciting meeting at the beginning of the month which is a course on learning about social media strategy and making sure I am working with a purpose. Work smarter, not harder as they say!

So that has been my overview of March. I hope it has been interesting to hear the inner thoughts of my month and how I've coped with feelings of not being good enough and achieving enough. Heres to a more positive next month!

Lots of xxx



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