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Lace Highlight! Off shoulder Summer fun!

June Catch up.

Well hello again. It's that time again when we catch up and I let you know whats been happening at the studio this month and have a bit of a chat and natter about items in the shop. The month always seems to just run by like crazy and I always think, oh i really don't think I have enough to write about this month. I've not really had a lot of stuff done and then I list it all out and there you are.... a nice long list of tasks completed and a realisation that maybe I've been a bit hard on myself again.

So, what have we been up to? This month has been split into different tasks that have felt like I did them ages ago when actually, that was like, last week. I started off the month with prepping for the Henfield open gardens. I was making stock for this making sure I had a good rounded selection of different stock for the event. I also made something new! (oooh!) Using up the smaller pieces of lace I have everywhere in the studio that can't become pieces of top by being too small etc, I have been making up some little bags. (See below) It is my hope to become even more ethical with my business practice through using up my fabrics and through that making less wasted product. When you cut out anything to make something new it always creates waste and I want to minimise my by using it to create lovely things that people will want to buy and use.

This month has been the month of making the skirts I have been hinting and teasing at for ages! I made up the lace skirts ready for a photo shoot and for the first time ever I even had to fire a freelancer in to help me with the sewing. I was so busy that I knew I needed someone to help with the load or I would never be ready for a summer launch of new items (which I am super behind on already!). I am so nearly ready for this, it feels me with joy thinking about where all the hard work has gone and soon I can share with everyone what is coming next for Curious Alice Studio.

Lace skirts to match Lace tops

It was my birthday this month! And so I treated myself to some personal sewing time, a whole week of it. There is nothing more exciting than rejuvenating your own wardrobe with your makes. I did a ton of alterations of my clothes, making sure they would last for longer and also remaking and replacing items that had truly come to the end of their life. (salutes to our fallen warriors. You served me well. I'm sorry I wore you till you were literally no more...). I also made some new things which might become business ideas. It's amazing at how ideas can just come to you when you give them some breathing space! So that is a fun thing for me to look forward to. I think that might have to be an august project maybe as I think it will fit in well with some other things I've been thinking about.

It has also been a bit of a personal mission for me to try and get all the discontinued lace made into items and not hanging around me anymore. I have had off remnants of lace hanging around and just making me feel a bit bogged down and like I've got tons of fabric when, in actuality I don't have that much, which is kinda amazing really when you think about it. I still have a few bits of fabric that I need to look at and work out what I'm going to make from them. But that is the exciting thing! and part of the job which makes me go, OH! how exciting!

And of course, I have been working on your orders. Which have been very full and wonderful. Thank you for all the support for my shop and I hope you are loving your scarves, your lace tops and baby bibs.

Ok, so that's what we (yes we! eee!) have been working on in Curious Alice Studio. Now I think it is time to have a look at some of the newer stock on the shop.

Lets look at off shoulder Lace goodness!

Stock Highlight

At some point in my making with lace, I somehow got really into the off the shoulder aesthetic. There is something about. If you are familiar with my shop then you know that I offer quite a few different tops with the off the shoulder style. One is the classic three quarter length sleeve top and the other are my off shoulder capes.

The capes came about when I made a wedding dress for a lovely lady who I met through a friend. As part of her wedding dress design, she wanted a it to be in three parts so that she could re-wear her dress in different ways. Her dress ended up being a high waisted skirt, a fitting strapless crop and the cape. When making the prototype I realised that the cape could be worn on its own as a statement piece and so proceeded to make them in various laces and put them on the shop and it was well received. I eventually started playing with the laces and dyed them. I love playing with colour. Ombre-ing the white and ivory lace was very exciting and made the shop come alive with colour to match the silk scarves I have been making since Curious Alice Studio opened in October 2013.

You can grab any of these here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CuriousAliceStudio?section_id=25582956

The newer off shoulder style top I have added to the shop is the classic, off shoulder sleeved top in both long and cropped length. The sleeves are three quarter length and it currently only comes in white, ivory and black. The tops have a straight cut around the body so the skim the body nicely. The crop version ends just at the waist in the most flattering area, highlighting the waist. These are perfect worn with a high waisted skirt or trousers or even layered up over a long top or dress. The longer version of the top sits loosely on the body skimming past the torso and highlighting the long line and length of the body. This one works great with trousers or even a high-waisted skirt.

You can get them here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CuriousAliceStudio?section_id=19301756

As new ideas come to me of more types of tops and dresses I'm happy to be exploring other necklines and playing around with different fabrics and colour. I'm super excited for what I have planned for the future of Curious Alice Studio. Keep an eye on this space and on the shop or even Instagram!

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