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Feb. 2020 goals

Hello! my friends. Its been a while (since July!). What has happened to all that time? Well, I've been taking a bit of a mental break from the business due to some personal stuff that is happening in my life. It is in no way over, but I'm ready to start the new year and get my goals achieved. So here I am, writing about my six month plan for 2020. Including a bit of a brand inspection as I check that everything I do within my brand makes sense to my own ethics and they way I want to see small businesses to be run. So I have four main goals to get started with which I will share below.

In light to everything I have been dealing with in my personal life, it has made me see more clearly areas of the business where improvement needs to be made, and in fact, the brand can only flourish if I implement these changes and start working on things now rather than having a "one day pile of ideas". So I've made the decision to get outsider help involved in the brand to help me with task that could take me a long time to do. Basically, its time to get a professional in!

Goal one is about my size guide. One of the main areas I am concerned about is my size guide. My sizing, while it works, I believe could be better and clearer. I often get messages asking me for help with which size to buy in my lace range. I will be working with someone to make my size guide super clear and easy to understand so customers can work out which size they are and purchase with confidence. This will lead to me also getting models in each size so you can see how the garment looks on each size. This is something I've seen in multiple small businesses do this and it makes it so much easier to see how the garment will look on you.

On this note of talking about sizes and sizing. It is time to relook at my sizes. In the last year or so I have realised how limited my size range is. I've personally have put on a little bit of weight which has put me at the top end of my size range. This has made me see how limiting it is finishing my size range at an UK 16/18. Having followed some amazing body positive people on instagram and working for my new work place has really opened my eyes to how the high street has really brainwashed us into not seeing bigger bodies and not catering for them. It never occurred to me when I first started CAS to look further than a size 18 at most which is madness to me now. I want CAS to be accessible to everyone and am so thankful to everyone who has helped me see that I wasn't following my own ethics in my business.See a list below of Instagram accounts that have helped me realise this.











So I will be contracting the lovely Marren to do some pattern cutting for me. We will be working together to clarify the size guide, do a re haul of the patterns and then increasing the sizing. I am excited to work with a trained pattern cutter to really make sure that all the patterns make sense and to finish off projects that I have started but never finished. I know that Marren will do an amazing job of getting this side of the business in hand and helping me feel confident in releasing new projects in a size range that makes sense and is accessible to everyone. So goal two will be all about expanding my size range.

Goal three for Curious Alice Studio is to stop working with plastic fabrics. One of the main fabrics I use is a lace which is based on a polyester background with cotton lace embroidery. I want to transition to a new lace fabric which will be made from completely biodegradable fibres, whether that's a cotton lace or finding something new and exciting. There is a lot of research to do. I will of course, use up the lace that I have here before I go investing in new fabrics. I will also be looking into using up the small lace pieces. I've got some designs in mind and am excited to have a play with. Super pleased to have come to these decisions so I can get a move on with these plans.

Goal four of this year is to use up all the fabrics I have and all the left over pieces in new designs or in my little bag project. I will be working on dyeing these pieces to make a more exciting collection of bags available to buy. These new designs that I have in my head have yet to make it to the light of day as I want to make sure that I am pushing forward with my base goals of size improvement and sourcing new suppliers of ethical fabrics which I can design with with confidence. I'm seeing 2020 as a big year to clean up the business and to really focus on what I find important.

So this January and February I have been planning, coming back to social media and making up new lace bags to use up the lace fabric piece I have. I'm excited for March where real progress will be made on the patterns, size guide and all the fun things.

See in next months blog.

Lots of xxx


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