Welcome to my blog. I'm the Alice behind the shop Curious Alice Studio. My shop is home of hand dyed silk scarves, hand made Lace tops, aprons and baby wear. They are all hand made in Brighton from luxurious fabrics such as lace, silk, viscose and cotton by myself.

I started Curious Alice Studio when having graduated from university I decided to experiment with some dye and silk. Having fallen off the bandwagon when it came to creative fun after having completed my degree in Surface Pattern Design at Swansea Metropolitan University, the experience of dying the silk fabric led to a reawakening my joy for textiles, fashion and making. I have a love of natural fibers such as silk and cotton. I love the making process, hand dying silk, creating new colours and coming up with new designs.


I live in the beautiful city of Brighton in the UK. Each piece in the shop is made by me. I sew everything in my studio in the center of the city and hand dye everything at home in my cellar where I can get messy. Everything is hand-dyed individually to ensure quality control. I hope you love my shop as much as I do. I hope you enjoy the blog and seeing the thought process behind Curious Alice Studio and happy shopping. As always, any questions, send a message.


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